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anabolic steroid alternatives
Anabolic Steroid Alternatives

Anabolic Steroids: The Good and The Bad

Anabolic Steroids are bad! Steroids will turn you into a psychopathic monster! Your gonads will shrink! We've all heard these arguments over and over, starting even from middle school and all the way through our formal education. It's quite sad, actually, that the anti-drug sentiment has been forced to rely on scare tactics rather than give individuals the information they need to make an informed, intelligent decision with facts and understanding. Relying on extreme cases and excessive fear mongering injures the credibility of these sources, even when the information might honestly help an individual.

Steroids, like everything else in this world, are neither pure evil nor pure good. They are most certainly unsporting and should never be a part of a competing athlete's regime. Teenagers, those whose bodies are still developing and those who are most likely to suffer long term consequences from their use should never be encouraged to use them. To cast anabolic steroids entirely in a dark light, however, would be unfair and untrue for a variety of reasons.

Anabolic steroids are used in more medicines than most would care to admit. They are used for helping individuals who suffer from muscular problems including unexpected things like asthma. They also allow an individual to achieve the body image they desire. Taken responsibly and with the medical supervision any drug use should have, they can enable someone to meet their personal fitness goals. Some individuals are not satisfied with the limitations their genetics or natural hormone levels leave them with, and they deserve to make the choice for themselves. The freedom of control over one's body is the one freedom that should be protected at all costs. It should never be impeded by false information.

There are too many misuses of anabolic steroids to list off. The worst is likely football coaches who like to pressure their charges with taking the newest and most undetectable iteration despite the harm unregulated use of the chemicals can cause. That's unquestionably wrong, but the chemicals themselves aren't. It is sad and disappointing that society has generated such a stigma against them when used outside of sports or competition designed around fairness.

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anabolic steroid alternatives
Anabolic Steroid Alternatives

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